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Medium: Oil »
Support: on canvas »
Year(s): 1912 »   //  1913 »
Northern Lake
Alternate titles: A Northern Lake; Northern River; Stormy Bay
Winter 1912–13
Oil on canvas
28 1/4 x 40 5/16 in. (71.7 x 102.4 cm)
Exhibition History
Ontario Society of Artists, Art Museum of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Society of Artists Forty-First Annual Exhibition, April 5–26, 1913, no. 88.
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Imperial Economic Conference, July 18, 1932–January 23, 1933, no. 18, as lent by the Normal School, Ottawa.
Art Gallery of Toronto, Loan Exhibition of Paintings Celebrating the Opening of the Margaret Eaton Gallery and the East Gallery, November 8, 1935, no. 153.
Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Horatio Walker - Tom Thomson, January 1941, as A Northern Lake, or Stormy Bay.
Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, May 27–June 11, 1967, no. 1.
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Group of Seven, June 19–September 8, 1970, no. 18, (repr.) Traveled to: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, September 22–October 31, 1970.
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, The Art of Tom Thomson, October 30–December 12, 1971, no. 1, (repr. col.) Traveled to: Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, January 15–February 3, 1972; Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, February 25–March 31, 1972; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, April 14–May 28, 1972; Confederation Art Gallery, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, July 2–September 5, 1972.
Art Gallery of Algoma, Algoma, Ontario, Canada, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, July 1982.
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, The Mystic North: Symbolist Landscape Painting in Northern Europe and North America, 1890 - 1940, January 13–March 11, 1984, no. 116, (repr.) Traveled to: Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, March 31–May 13, 1984.
National Gallery of Canada; Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Tom Thomson, June 7–September 8, 2002, no. 8, (repr. col.) Traveled to: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 5, 2002–January 5, 2003; Musée du Québec, Quebec City, February 6–April 3, 2003; Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, May 30–September 7, 2003; Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, September 29–December 7, 2003.
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In an interview with Lawrence Sabbath, 1960 (transcript, Agnes Etherington Art Gallery, Kingston), F.H. Varley recalled that he and Thomson painted together in the offices of Rous and Mann, Toronto on weekends and that Thomson, persuaded by A.Y. Jackson, enlarged a painting from a sketch Jackson had chosen. In the painting, Thomson used the palette knife. Varley also remembered that J.E.H. MacDonald found the picture too dark and gave Thomson the advice to use brighter colour as well as finding Thomson an appropriate frame for the picture so that he would enter it in the O.S.A. This could be the painting Varley remembered since Thomson used a palette knife to render parts of the work.

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