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medium: Oil »
support: on canvas »
year(s): 1914 »   //  1915 »
Petawawa Gorges (Early Spring)
Winter 1914–15
Alternate titles: Early Spring; Lake, Early Spring; Northern Lake, Early Spring; Petawawa Gorges, Ice Going Out; Spring Ice, Petawawa Gorges
Oil on canvas
25 3/16 x 32 1/16 in. (63.9 x 81.5 cm)
Inscription recto: l.r., TOM THOMSON

Exhibition History

1914 RCA: Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Toronto, Ontario, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Thirty-sixth Annual Exhibition, no. 190, as A Lake, Early Spring (?).
1915 Halifax: Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, no. 181, as A Northern Lake, Early Spring (?).
1920 Sarnia (1): Sarnia Conservation Committee, Sarnia, Ontario, Canadian Pictures
1920 Thomson: Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by Tom Thomson, no. 30, as A Lake, Early Spring (?).
1920 Worcester: Worcester Art Museum, Mass, Paintings by the "Group of Seven" Canadian Artists, no. 27, as Early Spring.
1922 Thomson Owen Sound: no. 35, as Early Spring.
1925 Thomson: University of Toronto, Toronto, Exhibition of Tom Thomson Sketches
1941 Thomson: Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Horatio Walker - Tom Thomson, as Spring Ice, Petawawa Gorges.
1945 DPC: no. 131 (repr.) as Petawawa Gorges c. 1915.
1946 Albany: Albany Institute of History and Art, N.Y, Painting in Canada: A Selective Historical Survey, no. 49.
1949 CNE: Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture Arranged by the Canadian National Exhibition Association and the Art Gallery of Toronto, no. 142.
1955 Thomson: National Gallery of Canada, Edmonton, Alberta, Tom Thomson Travelling Exhibition: Sketches and Painting from the National Gallery of Canada Collection
1956 Thomson: Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Tom Thomson Exhibition, 1877 - 1917, no. 2.
1957 Thomson London: London Public Library and Art Museum, London, Ontario, Tom Thomson 1877 - 1917, George Thomson 1868 -, no. 24.
1957 Thomson Windsor: Willistead Art Gallery, Windsor, Tom Thomson 1877 - 1917, no. 4.
1958 Los Angeles: National Gallery of Canada, Calif, Tom Thomson
1960 Mexico: Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno, lnstituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Arte Canadiense, no. 116.
1962 Bordeaux: Musée de Bordeaux, L'art au Canada, no. 61.
1967 NGC (1): Willistead Art Gallery, Windsor, Ontario, Canadian Painting 1850 - 1950, no. 30.
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1970 NGC: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, The Group of Seven, no. 67, as 1916 (repr.).
1971 Thomson: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, The Art of Tom Thomson, no. 46 (repr.).
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1981 Tokyo: National Gallery of Canada, Twentieth Century Canadian Painting, no. 25, as 1916 (repr.).
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1998 Algonquin: Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Algonquin Memories: Tom Thomson in Algonquin Park, no. 14 (repr. col.).
2000 Sarnia: Gallery Lambton, Ontario, The First Exhibition of "The Sarnia Art Movement," March 1920, no.1.
2002 Thomson: National Gallery of Canada; Art Gallery of Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Tom Thomson, no. 36 (repr. col.).
2004 St. Petersburg: Art Gallery of Ontario, Tom Thomson, no. 18.

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